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Are you planning your next trip to Bali and thinking about staying in Sanur? We love Bali and especially Sanur, we think it’s the hidden gem in Bali.

You are in the right place if you are looking for a Sanur travel guide. We share the best information so you can plan your trip to Sanur Bali.

Sanur Bali

Where is Sanur Bali? Sanur (pronounced Sar-noor) sits on the eastern coastline of the island of Bali, Indonesia. This sometimes sleepy little town is often fondly called S-nore as it’s one of the quieter towns of Bali.

Devoid of nightclubs and only one recently built beach club this part of Bali attracts an older crowd of visitors. Most Sanur devotees preferring the laid-back, relaxed vibe to the party-going, manic busyness and traffic congestion ridden “Dark Side” of the island of Bali the towns Kuta, Legian, Seminyak and Canggu.

Sanur Bali Map

Money – Bali Currency

The official currency of Bali is the Indonesian Rupiah.

Money is easily changed at registered money changers but beware of dodgy looking signs offering well above the usual street rate. A good rule of thumb to remember is the best money changers in Bali including Sanur is to use ones with no commission.

That’s all they should do too, change money and generally, all have glass fronts, beware of any money changers at the back of stores or down laneways.

If you are taking cash (we always do) take the highest denomination in your currency as some money changers offer higher rates.

We always take crisp $100 bills and exchange $200-300 at a time and keep in a safe in our room accommodation.

Best money Changers in Sanur

  • BMC
  • Next to Sunshine Bar and Restaurant
  • Pt Dirgahayu Valuta Prims opposite Respati
  • In Circle K opposite Hardy’s Supermarket

Do you have a favourite money changer in Sanur that isn’t on the list? You can contact us by clicking here and we’ll gladly add them to the list.

Sanur Weather

Like most South East Asian countries and tropical islands, Sanur is hot and humid!

Throughout the year there are times when it’s less humid, less sticky and less heat but only by a few degrees. There are mainly two distinct seasons, the dry season and the wet season or rainy season.

The best season to visit Bali is in the dry season from April to October. Our favourite months to visit Bali are February, it’s quieter and there are some great deals at that time of the year for airfares and accommodation and also September is a great month to visit.

If you like crowds, high humidity and even higher prices then you’ll love Christmas in Bali. 😀

You’ll see from the pic below the Balinese have a great sense of humour. We took this at Warung Baliku in the southern end of Sanur.

How To Get To Bali

The major airport in Bali is officially known as Ngurah Rai International Airport, however, most people refer to it as Bali airport or Denpasar airport. It’s a little confusing for first-time visitors as the airport lies 13 kms north, nowhere near the capital of Bali, Denpasar.

Click here to check airfares and flight times.

There has been a lot of talk about a second airport in the North of Bali, however, that hasn’t yet eventuated. A Canadian company has already reportedly invested over USD 2 billion in the proposed North Bali International Airport. Delays are reported to be over permissions, permits and approvals.

One of the first things you’ll want to know is how long is it from the airport to Sanur or from Sanur to the airport. It all depends on the traffic and the time of day you arrive.

We’ve found once clearing immigration, collecting our luggage at baggage claim, getting to the car and settled, it generally takes about 20 minutes.

We ask to be taken via the toll road. Also known as Bali Mandara Toll Road, it costs Rp 11,000 which is $1.10 Aussie and could shave a good half hour off your journey depending on the time of day. I think you’ll agree $1.10 is far better than sitting in traffic when there is relaxation, cocktails and Bintangs to be had!

Make sure your driver has their card with them, with money on it, as that is the only method of payment. Without a card, they can’t pay.

Best Travel Insurance For Bali

Next step after booking your flight to Bali is finding the best travel insurance that fits your particular needs and type of trip you are planning for Sanur.

We use and recommend World Nomads for their comprehensive cover and our peace of mind.

Click here to get a quote from World Nomads

Transport in Sanur Bali

We’ve found the best way to get around Sanur is by push bike. Yes, you read that right!

Because Sanur is quieter than most other towns in the southern end of Bali riding a push bike is easy and safe.

…and because of the saying “It’s just like riding a bike” well, it is. Time to get back on the bike, see the sights and keep fit at the same time!

We pay Rp. 160,000 per week each from Anak in the southern end of Bali at Jl Cemara No 29 Sanur Bali. Tell her we sent you!

Private Drivers

We generally tee up a driver that we’ve used before, one that our accommodation place recommends or simply book your private driver here.

Private drivers are also great for day trips from Sanur to discover other parts of Bali, various activities and the culture that make Bali so special. Most cars are SUV’s, airconditioned (a MUST!) and look similar to the one below.

Taxi’s, Uber, Go-Jek and Grab in Sanur

It doesn’t matter where we are in Sanur or Bali the only taxi we use and one that is recommended is a Bluebird taxi.

The Bluebird taxi’s are best for short trips and have a standard price structure in place. The flagfall is rp. 7000 (70c) and appears when the meter is switched on. The initial rp. 7000 lasts up to the first 1km travelled.

After the initial km, your fare increases ever 100 metres by rp. 650 so for every km after the initial one the rate is rp. 6500 (65c).

Bluebirds do have a minimum price of rp. 30,000 charged when you book via telephone or via the MyBluebird App (available in the Apple or Google Play stores). So if you flag one down from the roadside there is no minimum charge.

All Bluebird drivers are security checked the cars are tracked and drivers have an ID card on the dashboard of the car which must be visible to all passengers and at all times. For ease of contacting and safety you can take a photo of the driver’s ID.

We’ve had great experiences with Go-Jek and used them a number of times, mainly to travel from the south end of Sanur to the north end of Sanur at night, when it was too far to ride a push bike to dinner or the Night Markets at Sanur.

We personally haven’t used Uber or Grab in Sanur but do know of people who have and they are very pleased with the service. 

 Bemo’s in Sanur

Then there is the ever-popular Bemo’s. The battered up local green vans that travel up and down the main streets of Sanur.

The Bemo’s do have set routes but they will stop where you want to get off if you call out to them. Mind your head getting out tho, I cracked mine on the way out one evening!

It’s around Rp. 5,000 per person, sometimes you can batter, but why would you for 50c? We paid Rp. 20,000 for our ride on the evening I mentioned but it was late and we couldn’t get a Go-Jek when we wanted.

Bemo’s are a must do at least once.

Sanur Hotels

If you are wondering about where to stay in Sanur you can choose from a wide variety of accommodation.

Accommodation in Sanur includes hotels, Sanur Villas, Sanur Resorts, Homestays, Guesthouses and more. We cover a variety of the best Bali accommodation Sanur below.

Sanur is a beautiful quiet bay the perfect place to relax

Sanur Accommodation

Things to See and Do in Sanur

There are lots of things to do in Sanur. We’ve compiled a list of what to do in Sanur and what to see. You can read our list by clicking on the link below.

What to do in Sanur





What To Do In Sanur

Whitewater rafting day trips from Sanur





Day Trips From Sanur

Where To Eat in Sanur

There are over 500 places to eat in Sanur, so we’ve narrowed down some of the best that we and other visitors enjoy.

Sanur Bali Reviews and Travel Tips

In this section, we provide extra travel tips and reviews about Sanur accommodation, Sanur restaurants, travel gear, travel accessories, etc, you may find useful when you are planning your trip to Sanur.

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