Sanur Accommodation: Sanur Villas

Sanur Villas are the perfect accommodation if you require privacy, are catering to a large group or want a home away from home.

More than a place to sleep, staying in a villa for your holidays is more of an experience.

We love staying in villas for privacy, laid-back lifestyle, (not having to be anywhere at any specific time, e.g. breakfast by 10 o’clock) and to ‘mix it with the locals’.

We prefer standalone, privately owned villas rather than one in a gated community or within a hotel. That’s our personal taste. 

However, your taste may be completely different. You may prefer the best of both worlds. The privacy of a villa and the convenience of a resort for the social aspects, the availability of room service and a swim-up bar.

Sanur Villas vs Sanur Hotels

If you are here doing some research and wondering what the difference is between a hotel Sanur Bali and a villa the following table will help.

For most of our stays in Sanur and in other parts of Bali, we choose to stay in a villa for the reasons given above. Staying in a villa isn’t for everyone, however, it’s rare that we talk with people and learn that they didn’t like holidaying in a villa. The majority of couples and families love the freedom of a villa.

Pro’s and Con’s of Staying in a Sanur Villa

Cost effective for a groupNo social engagement with other people
Spacious OasisNo kids club
Large roomsNo onsite gym
Large living spacesNo onsite restaurant or cafe
Fully equipped kitchenNo play area for the kids
Personal service - breakfast made for youNo large pool or pool choice
Always a sun bed available
Some will have a garden for the kids to play in
Security - most have night time security
Swim whenever you want - the pool never closes
Complete privacy

Questions to Ask and Things to Consider When Booking Sanur Villas

Where is the location of the villa?

Can you look the address of the villa up on Google Maps to see exactly where the villa is located?

Does the pool have full sun?

This may seem like a trivial question, however, we have stayed in villas that have no sun and the water temperature was too cold to swim. Yes even in Bali! We have also stayed in a villa that had full sun all day. As it was a fairly small pool it was like taking a warm bath.

What size is the pool?

Too small and the water temperature might be too warm. Too large and the water temperature might be too cold.

How large or small are the bedrooms?

We’ve never encountered a problem with a small bedroom. It’s worth checking out if you are concerned that the bedrooms aren’t large enough to your liking.

How large or small are the living spaces?

if you are travelling in a group is there enough room in the villa for everyone to have their own space? Are there places to sit and relax and read or watch movies? Are there places for the kids to play?

Does is it have a security box (safe)?

Most villas will have a safe for your passport, money and other important documents, etc. 

Are there Restaurants, Cafe’s and Warungs close by?

If there are no eatery’s close to the villa you can either grab a Go-Jek car (same as Uber) or Bluebird taxi. Or you could hire a pushbike or flag down a local Bemo that I mention here.

Is there security at night?

For some 24 hour security is a must. Nighttime security is desirable. That said we’ve stayed in a villa in Sanur with no security at all with no problems whatsoever. 

Are the bedrooms close together?

If you are a couple, most likely you won’t have (want or need) access to additional bedrooms if your villa has them. If you have little kids with you are the bedrooms separated or upstairs? 

Are the living areas enclosed or open?

We’ve stayed in villas with both open and closed villa living areas. Great for that outdoor tropical living kind of vibe. Not so great when you leave fruit out to ripen and the squirrels eat it 🙂 I know 1st World problem!

In our experience, the bedrooms are always fully enclosed.

Are the bedrooms air conditioned?

An absolute “must” in Bali, otherwise, you won’t have the best night sleep.

Is breakfast included?

If you’d like to have breakfast provided for you then check and make sure with the villa manager or owner. Most breakfasts in Bali is a simple affair with fresh fruit, eggs and pancakes.

We prefer to venture out for breakfast, which is actually brunch by the time we hit the road. We are on holidays after all!

Can they supply a pool fence?

Pools aren’t required to be fenced in Bali. However, there are companies that supply temporary fencing. The manager or owner will most likely arrange it for you if you need it with small kids.

Does the villa have a garden?

There’s nothing like a few tropical plants to create a relaxed atmosphere. If you have kids a garden with a lawn area would be a bonus.

Are the bathrooms indoors or outdoors?

Again we’ve stayed in Bali villas that have had indoor bathrooms and outdoor bathrooms. The outdoor ones are beautiful, tropical but sometimes not functional as there maybe moss on the ground that makes having a shower a little slippery. Plus sometimes you have to share the space with the mozzies and geckoes. 

Is the villa close to the main street?

If you have little kids with you then walking great distances might not be on your ‘to do’ list. Or you may like the ability to take a short walk to nearby restaurants, shopping and day spa’s that dot the main street of Sanur. 

Is the manager or owner contactable?

If they have missed something or you need information about something is it easy to get in contact with the manager or owner?

Have we covered everything? Or is there a question you would want to know before you booked a villa that we’ve missed in the list above? You can contact us and let us know here or pop over to the Facebook group and let us know there.

Sanur Villas on the Beach

If you are looking for Sanur accommodation on the beach you’ll find ample Sanur hotels and Sanur resorts. There aren’t nearly as many Bali Sanur beach villas right on the sand. 

There are umpteen beachside villa accommodation Sanur Bali. Meaning they are located on the eastern side of the by-pass. However, not many villas are right on the beachfront, where you can step off the property onto the sand. 

Those that do (and we’ve featured them in our luxury villa section below) also have a hefty price tag to match.

Remember there is a walkway that runs from the southern end of Sanur to the northern end of Sanur. You can read about the Sanur promenade here. Unless the property is a restaurant, cafe or warung you won’t find any accommodation right on the sand on the beachfront in Sanur.

You will, however, find accommodation on the other side of the walkway. Most hotels and resorts on the Sanur beachfront like the Hyatt Regency Sanur (below) start or finish at the walkway.

Top Sanur Villas Private Pool

The majority of villas in Sanur do have a private swimming pool. Although it’s always best to check before you book. Make sure you are not sharing the pool with another villa on the property if you are staying in a gated community, hotel or resort.

Following are the most loved and most popular private pool villas Sanur. 

Sanur Beach Villas

There are 7 Sanur beach villas in this small complex. The complex is located in central Sanur with an easy walking distance to Jl Tamblingan, Sanur’s main street.

The villa is 3 bedrooms, has an enclosed living area, a private swimming pool and a garden.

All bedrooms are air-conditioned, ensuite with a bathtub in the main ensuite.

 If you feel like cooking there is a fully equipped and the dining table seats 6.

Check out the latest pricing and more information here.

Villa Nesanur
Located in the southern end of Sanur this 3 bedroom villa sits in a beautiful tranquil setting.

Amenities include a full size fully equipped kitchen, a terrace area overlooking the pool, beautiful tropical gardens and a large secluded swimming pool.

Stunning ensuite featuring a deep bathtub perfect for a relaxing soak. Complimentary toiletries are included.

Just a short walk or pushbike ride to the beach.

Check out the latest prices and more information here.

Ellora Villas
Located at the northern end of Sanur close to the main street, but away from the hustle and bustle.

There is a kitchenette but why would you bother when breakfast is cooked for you and restaurants are so close?

24-hour room service, security and front desk.

Large rooms, including a separate living space and private swimming pool.

Fitness centre on-site.

Check out the latest prices and more information here.

Emerald Villas Sanur

Emerald villas are a complex of 1, 2, 3 and 4 bedrooms private villa Sanur located at the southern end.

An easy 5-minute walk from Sanur beach, with many eateries and bars within a short walk.

You’ll experience all the usual comforts and inclusions here, flat screens, wifi and private pool.

Room service is also available, although some of Sanur’s best dining is very close to the location of Emerald villas. You can read about the best places to eat in Sanur here.

Check out the latest prices and more information here. 

Kamuela Villas Sanur
There are 7 – 1,2 or 3 bedroom villas at Kamuela Villas Sanur, located in southern Sanur.

If you love a gourmet kitchen and a private butler you’ll feel right at home here.

There are is an on-site restaurant and other eateries close by to these properties.

Local dancers perform a Balinese cultural dance every Friday evening in the main pool area.

Check out the latest prices and more information here.

Mahagiri Villas Sanur
These beautiful 1,2 or 3 bedroom villas are located at the northern end of Sanur.

They have 24-hour room service, 24-hour security, wifi, complimentary tea and coffee (not always found in Villas).

Close to the night markets and other restaurants, shopping, bars and day spas.

Just a short walk or ride to the beach.

Check out the latest prices and more information here.

Luxury Sanur Villas

Looking for a luxury villa for your stay in Sanur?

We’ve pulled together the ultimate collection of lux villas for your next Sanur holiday. Only question is, which one will you choose?

Kejora Villa Sanur
These 2, 3, 4 and 5 bedroom villas are part of a gated community.

You’ll have direct private beach access to the Kejora Beach Club from this property.

Beautifully appointed with all that you would expect in a luxury villa.

Situated in a northern location this property is close to restaurants on the beach and the main road of Jl. Tamblingan. Featuring The Glasshouse, one of Sanur’s best restaurants.

Check out the latest pricing and more information here.

Fairmont Sanur Villas
Perfect if you are seeking a luxury Sanur villa within a Sanur resort.

Located at the southern end of Sanur right on the beachfront. Simply step across the walkway and onto the designated private beach area for the Fairmont Sanur.

The 1, 2 or 3 large bedroom villas are double story with generous living spaces.

Fully equipped kitchen and a large private swimming pool that ooze luxury.

Check out the latest prices and more information here.

Villa Cemara Sanur

60 metres of absolute beachfront at the southern end of Sanur.

This standalone 4 or 5 bedroom architecturally designed villa with private pool. Huge pavillions adorn the property with casual areas, living spaces and bedrooms.

Luxury furnishings and artefacts featured throughout the villa.

Fabulous ocean views from all rooms, 5-star service and 24-hour security.

Includes a full-time chef specialising in local and international cuisine. Or if you prefer to step out onto the promenade and choose from the many eateries in the surrounding area.

Check out the latest pricing and more information here.

Villa Bayu Gita

Perfect for a special occasion, large family or group.

Two types of villa accommodation available, 3 bedrooms or 6 bedrooms. Both can be rented together and can accommodate up to 18 adults.

Although this luxury haven is just north of Sanur it sits right on the renowned surf spot of Pabean beach.

Not only does this property have a large 11-metre private swimming pool, but it also has a private chef, jacuzzi, home cinema, fitness centre and it’s own billiard table.

Check out the latest prices and more information here.

The indies Estate
Luxury in the southern end of Sanur. This estate comprises 3 luxury villas. 2, 4 bedroom villas and 1, 3 bedroom villa.

All villas are beautifully decorated showcasing the original charm and character of the colonial period whilst maintaining the highest standards of luxury.

Beautiful 12-metre private pool and entertaining area, multiple living and dining areas.

Private chef and private driver with 14 seater coach are also included.

This luxury estate is perfect for a wedding, special events or private retreats.

Check out the latest pricing and more information here.

Villa Seriska Satu
Authentic Balinese Luxury 4 bedroom villa in the northern end of Sanur.

L shaped pool with large deck and traditional Bale (day bed) and the master bedroom has a garden bathroom.

Fully equipped kitchen and dining space should you wish to cook. If not hen there are chef dining services available.

Terrazzo flooring, teakwood and designer fabrics feature throughout. As does a mixture of contemporary and traditional Balinese art.

Check out current prices and more information here.

Svarga Lux Villa
Located within the famous Batu Jimbar estate is architecturally designed Svarga 4 bedroom villa.

This modern Balinese luxury villa sits just steps away from the beach.

Tranquillity and peace abound with the natural surrounding environment blending perfectly with this beautiful villa.

Full BBQ facilities, spacious living and dining areas a fully equipped and prep kitchen, wine cellar and ground floor master suite. 3 further bedrooms are located upstairs connected to ground level via a spiral staircase.

The formal dining space seats 10, overlooking the private pool and expansive garden area.

Check out current pricing and more information here.

We know how confusing and time consuming it can be to choose the perfect Sanur villa for your next holiday. We hope we have helped with your selection so you can continue planning the other aspects of your Sanur Bali trip.

Have more questions or need any clarification? Pop over to our Sanur Bali Guide Community and ask your question there. We are only too happy to help.

If you have your villa booked you may be wondering where you can eat. Click here to find the best places to eat in Sanur Bali.


Overlooking a private pool in a Sanur Villa, Bali
A sun bed to sit on overlooking your private pool in a Sanur Villa

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