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Welcome to Sanur Bali Guide.

We are Annette and Kevin and we love Bali, especially Sanur.

Feeling very relaxed after a massage in Sanur Bali

Feeling very relaxed after a massage, one of our favourite things to do in Sanur.

We’ve travelled to Bali a stack of times over the last 20 years and stayed in places all over Bali.

We’ve driven right around Bali and visited the nearby islands too. We’ve always thought we’d like to live on Bali and really experience the culture on a long term basis.

Living overseas as an expat is nothing new to me (Annette) as I’ve lived in Zimbabwe and also on Bougainville Island which was then a part of Papua New Guinea.

Both Kevin and I have travelled extensively throughout the world and Australia and we are looking forward to exploring even more as roaming expats, first stop Sanur Bali.

Although we are planning to escape to Sanur in a few years that’s not what this blog is primarily about (although I’m sure I’ll add more information as the time draws closer). It’s about showing you the best of Sanur, including where to stay in Sanur, the best things to do and see in Sanur, best places to eat in Sanur, day trips from Sanur and of course where to relax and enjoy your holiday.

We’ll show you our enthusiasm for Sanur and why we think Sanur is Bali’s hidden gem and why you’ll fall in love with it too!

We hope you will find everything you need here to plan your trip to Sanur.

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