Ever checked into your hotel, gone to your room and had to hunt for the blowdryer in the Bathroom? Then, when you find it, you realise it barely has enough power to dry your eyebrows!

That is now a thing of the past as you are about to find the best travel hair dryer with diffuser.

We’ve done all the research so you don’t have to spend hours looking for your perfect travel blow dryer.

If you are looking for a travel hair dryer with a diffuser I’m guessing you have curly hair. While your regular hairdryer and diffuser at home get the job done, packing those in your suitcase can take up too much space and also be too heavy. Especially if you travel with only a carry-on. 

We’ll not only show you the best travel blow dryer with diffuser, but we’ll also include:

  • the best hairdryer for travel
  • best travel diffuser
  • some duel voltage travel hair dryers
  • diffuser hair dryer for curly hair
  • best brands of travel blow dryers
  • best travel hair dryer with diffuser attachment

You now have access to a comprehensive list of travel hair dryer reviews.

Another bonus is I was a hairstylist in a former life with 25 years experience, so I know what you need in a good travel blow dryer with or without a diffuser.


Woman ready to blow dry her hair with the Best Travel Hair Dryer With Diffuser

The Best Travel Hair Dryer With Diffuser

In a hurry or want to get straight to the point? This is the best travel hair dryer with diffuser.

If you want to read more details about this travel dryer, you’ll find more details under the best hair dryer brand further down this post.

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Travel Hair Dryer Comparison Guide: The Best Travel Hair Dryer With Diffuser

What To Look For In A Travel Blow Dryer?

Hair Dryer Weight

Nobody wants to luging unnecessary weight with them when they travel. The best hair dryer for travel will be lightweight and easy to pack in your carry on luggage or your main suitcase if you travel with one.

It does come down to your personal choice though, as you may be willing to sacrifice a few grams or pounds to have the travel hairdryer you want.

The weight for travel hair dryers are clearly marked in their merchandising materials and on clear display on Amazon.


Settings on the best dryer will have low and high speed. This way you can control the force of the air onto your hair. For semi-dried curly hair always use a low-speed setting to avoid the dreaded frizz.

Just as a side note if you are blowdrying your curly hair always let it semi-dry before you start blowdrying and you’ll find it will eliminate the frizz and your hair will be easier to handle too.

Other settings to check are heat setting, low, high and a cool shot can be useful too. Using a cool shot “sets” the hair in the shape you are looking to achieve. Whereas if you use a constant high heat there is a chance the shape will lose definition. The hair needs to cool first before you take the brush or diffuser from your hair.

That said you can always point the dryer elsewhere while the hair cools if the dryer doesn’t have a cool shot.


The best travel blow dryer will have at least 1200 watts. Anything less and you might as well use the eyebrow drying machines that most hotels provide that barely do the job.

If you have fine hair then you can get away with a lower wattage and a lower heat. If you have thick hair the best hair dryer for your hair will be a higher wattage dryer.

The higher the wattage the higher the heat.

Cord Length

No point in having the best travel blow dryer if the cord is as long as the one’s hotels provide. 

You’ll need a cord that is at least 1.5m or 5ft. Just in case you have to (God forbid) share a mirror in the bathroom.

Likewise, if you have to move from the bathroom to another room to dry your hair. I’ve been in hotel rooms where the powerpoint is nowhere near the mirror.    


Naturally, the best travel blow dryer for you needs to come with a diffuser. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be reading this travel hair dryer review. However, you might want to consider if the diffuser is collapsible and therefore easier to pack.

Other attachments to consider are a nozzle. A nozzle will direct the air specifically to where you need it for your hair. The best portable hair dryer will come with one as standard equipment.

Some hair dryers will also have a brush attachment. Brushes are great for smoothing out short hair, e.g fringes.


Price is generally a consideration when you are looking to buy a travel blowdryer.

The old “get what you pay for” rings true when considering which travel hair dryer to buy.

I use a professional-standard blow dryer. It’s 2400W, cost $160 wholesale and I’ve had it for 17 years. There have been times when I’ve dried my hair every day, so it’s certainly been put through its paces. It’s also travelled all over the world with me. Yes, I am a blowdryer snob!

I would have included it in this review, however, it is no longer manufactured.

At 17 years old there is going to be a time in the future when the old girl will blow its last breath and die. My next purchase will definitely be this Dyson blowdryer.

Best Travel Hair Dryer Review

This section focuses on the best travel hair dryers. Stand-alone blow dryers without diffusers or other attachments.

We’ve separated the hairdryer from the diffuser in case you want to buy each item separately.

GHD Travel Hair Dryer

GHD stands for Good Hair Day. Who doesn’t want to have a good hair day every day when you are travelling?

When GHD launched many years ago professional hairstylist around the world embraced their first product, the GHD flat iron. Straight hair was the thing at the time and flat iron for hairstylists worldwide was a must (and still is).

I’ve had my GHD flat iron since back in the day so the hairstylist in me recommends this product as I know the quality of the brand.

 The GHD travel hairdryer is a great travel size hair dryer for many reasons.

This is the best mini hair dryer as it’s lightweight and compact.

It has variable temperature and speed controls with an airflow temp of 65c.

Removable nozzle and a is a compact design with an inward folding handle for easy packing.

Lightweight and ergonomic for easy handling.

It also has a great feature to switch off if the dryer is held too close to the hair. This is to prevent overheating and hair damage.

Dual voltage is also a feature and the dust bag protects the dryer when you travel or for storage.

Click here for more information and current prices.

Babyliss Travel Hair Dryer

 Babyliss is a 50+-year-old company established to supply professional hairstylists. They have a variety of hair tools that have evolved over time according to design and trends.

The BaByliss Pro BABNT053T Nano Titanium Travel Dryer is a popular choice for travellers.

The Babyliss has an ultralightweight design.

A folding handle.

Two heat speed settings and is 1000 Watts.

It is dual voltage for international travel.

Budget conscious travellers love the price and think it’s the best travel dryer.

This travel dryer comes with a nozzle for directing heat.

Click here for more information and current prices.

Best Travel Diffuser

Are looking to purchase a travel hairdryer and a travel hair diffuser separately, rather than buying a travel dryer with diffuser? If so, there are a few points to consider.

  • Does it have a universal fitting? Will it fit a range of blowdryers or only a specific travel hair dryer?
  • Is it collapsable? Collapsable travel diffusers lay flat and are easier to pack.
  • Does it distribute the wind evenly? Uneven wind distribution can lead to parts of your hair not drying properly or even drying frizzy.

Collapses to fit easily for travel packing or storage.

Made from lightweight silicone.

Distributes wind evenly.

Very portable

Will fit most hairdryers.

Click here for more information and current prices.

Best Hair Dryer Brand

The best rated hair dryer is the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer. According to their statistics and research “95% would recommend Dyson Supersonic to a friend.”

Remember when the Dyson vacuum cleaner hit the market and how revolutionary the technology was? The Dyson hairdryer had the same impact when it came to market.

Yes it is at the higher end of the market, however, you would have no need for an everyday hairdryer and another hair dryer for travel.  Here is why.

This powerful odd-looking hair dryer is one of a kind. Lightweight, compact, therefore perfect for travel.

It has 3 precise speed settings, fast drying, regular drying and styling.

4 precise heat settings from 212F through to constant cold.

Intelligent heat control and regulates the heat to protect your hair from heat damage.

Fast drying and precision styling. negative ions to reduce hair static.

Specifically engineered for different hair types.

The motor is in the handle for balance. 3 Magnetic styling attachments including a diffuser.

Click here for more information and current pricing.

The Dyson hairdryer also has other accessories. Click here to see the portable moisture-proof travel case.

And click here to see the hair dryer stand to store at home.

Best Travel Hair Dryer Dual Voltage

If you are in the market for an international travel hair dryer or travel hair dryer for Europe the Jinri Lightweight Negative Ionic Folding Hair Dryer ticks the boxes.

Apart from featuring dual voltage this travel hair dryer it is also a  compact travel hair dryer.

Powerful 1875 watts. 2 heat and speed settings and one-shot feature.

It also ticks the box of the best lightweight travel hair dryer.

Folding handle for easy packing.

Negative Ion feature reduces frizz, adds shine, providing silky smooth manageable hair with gorgeous results.

Click here for more information and current pricing.

Best Travel Hair Dryer Australia

I couldn’t do a post about travel hair dryer reviews and not focus in on my home country. I still stand by the Dyson hairdryer for the best travel hairdryer.

If you are watching your budget then the best travel hair dryer in Australia is the Wahl Chrome Ionic Hair Dryer.

2 speed settings and 3 heat settings. Chrome hair dryer by Wahl and diffuser

Salon quality with a powerful 2000W motor.

Ionic technology for heat protection and fast drying.

Click here for more information and current pricing.

Smallest Travel Hair Dryer With Diffuser

This travel blowdryer ticks all the boxes. It’s also the

Best compact travel hair dryer and the best ionic travel hair dryer to reduce unnecessary frizz while adding shine.

3 speed settings and a cool shot.

Comes with a diffuser and 2 nozzles.

Powerful for a mini travel hair dryer with 1440W or power.

Click here for more information and check current pricing.


Best Curly Hair Products For Blowdrying

I’m going to dust off my hairstylist hat now and add some information to the conversation. Why? Because it’s important for the health of your hair when you use a travel hair dryer or regular hair dryer.

Most ladies have one or two chemical treatments at the salon, i.e. added colour, foils or bleach. You can spend hundreds of dollars on a cut and colour, therefore, it’s important to look after your colour and hair.

Having a chemical treatment opens the cuticle of your hair and good hair products help lay them flat and keep the hair strand smooth. If you don’t use a nourishing shampoo and conditioner, your colour will fade quicker and your hair may be prone to dryness, splitting and in some cases breakage.

To maintain the best health of your hair use the best hair products you can afford. A good rule of thumb is to buy your hair products where you have your hair styled NOT where you buy your food.

Best Shampoo For Curly For Travel

This Aveda shampoo gently cleanses your hair.

Boosts shine on curly or wavy hair.

Reduces frizz dramatically, you’ll certainly notice this difference with this nourishing shampoo.

Fresh citrus notes with certified organic orange, bergamot, lemon, lime plus other flower essences and pure plant extracts.

Organic aloe blend with enriched wheat protein.

Click here for more information and current pricing.

Best Conditioner For Curly Hair For Travel

This conditioner combats frizz for curly hair.

Enhances curl and boost shine for curly and wavy hair.

Ingredients of organic aloe and wheat protein expand in wet hair and retract when hair is dry adding to curl definition.

Handy tube for travel or everyday use.

Refreshing notes compliment the Be Curly Shampoo.

Click here for more information and current pricing.

Best Leave In Moisturiser For Travel

Pureology Colour Fanatic Hair Leave-in Treatment Spray is the best leave-in conditioner on the market.

It’s a professional product so you won’t find it in Supermarkets.

It has 21 different benefits for your hair to prime, protects and perfect.

Us can use on wet or dry hair to nourish and refresh.

Protects colour and instantly detangles hair.

Helps strengthen hair and protects from heat damage

Click here for more information and current pricing.


A Note About Pricing

You may be surprised at the pricing of these professional products in comparison to your current products. Please remember that they will nourish and look after your hair for travel or everyday use.

Also, remember you will use just a teeny tiny amount due to their concentration. You use just a fraction of the amount of product you are used to using.

Leak Proof  Travel Bottles

Your travel shampoo, conditioner and moisturiser are easily decanted into these leak proof travel bottles for easy packing.

This pack of travel bottles are ideal for all your toiletries.

Included are flip-top bottles, spray bottle, pump bottle, cream jars, funnel for easy filling, spatula and a zip bag.

BPA free, break-resistant and lightweight.

Fully compliant for international travel.

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